Say hello to the new Sky Punks!

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra has just evolved into something bigger and better — with a more playful cast of characters, more engaging stories, and even more daring escapades. Everyone, welcome the all new… Sky Punks!

Announcing the new Sky Punks!

What does this mean for all the things you loved about Sky Pirates? The answer involves a ton of exciting new things, starting with a brand new adventure coming soon to your iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire.

Stay tuned for more details on the Sky Punks website (, and thanks for being one of our 1.4 million amazing fans!

The many faces of Toppling Reeds

Today we’re exploring the Toppling Reeds, home to a highly spiritual people who have found refuge in the small island’s stone walls and thick jungle. In particular, we’re highlighting one of the region’s most distinctive features: its giant stone structures.

Like ancient guardians watching over the land, many take the form of human faces.

Toppling Reeds Concept Art - Structures

These structures bring the Toppling Reeds to life, almost literally. Here’s some early concept art:

Toppling Reeds Concept Art Continue reading

Something big is coming to Neo Terra!

We’ve been itching to share some news about our next big game — a game that’s got our whole studio buzzing with excitement! We can’t say much about it just yet, but we can give you a peek at some of the artwork:

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra - New Game Teaser - Artwork

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra - New Game Teaser - Map Artist

Any guesses on what it could be? Of course, we won’t keep you guessing for much longer, ’cause we’ll be sharing more and more info as the weeks go by. Keep your eyes peeled!