Over half a million Facebook Likes!

Huzzah! We’ve just gained a mind-blowing 500,000 Likes on our Facebook page, with thousands being added each day! We’re thrilled and humbled by the overwhelming response we’re receiving for Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, and we thank each and every one of you for your support.

500,000 Facebook Likes - Thanks to our half a million fans!

You can visit our Facebook page at Facebook.com/SkyPiratesNeo.

We still have a ton in store for this franchise, and we look forward to sharing all of that with you in the very near future. Here’s to half a million more!

Here comes the Pirate King!

The king of the skies has finally made his way to Sky Pirates Racing, and it’s no other than the charming but dangerous Pirate King!

Sky Pirates Racing - The Pirate King
He’s the last character that we’ll be unlocking for the game, but definitely not the last of our content updates. Play Sky Pirates Racing on Facebook, iPhone, iPad or Android and see the Pirate King in action! For now, here’s more about this new character:

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra - Game Trailer Screenshot - Pirate King Sky Pirates Racing - Screenshot - The Pirate King in Old Home Sky Pirates Racing - Screenshot - The Pirate King in Shifting Sands Sky Pirates Racing - Screenshot - The Pirate King Basic Costume

As the four-time champion of the annual Great Race, the Pirate King is well-known for his skill and speed on the track, and as the Witch Queen’s right hand, he’s feared as the proud and ruthless leader of the Sky Pirates.

But there’s more to the Pirate King behind that cheeky grin — a painful past that changed this once kind young man into what he is today. Curious? Read more about the Pirate King on the racers page!

Next week, we have another race track to reveal. Stick around!

Old Home race track now unlocked!

Prepare your Glidewings to fly over land and sea in Old Home — today’s new race track in Sky Pirates Racing! Built in a region where seafaring is a way of life, this course definitely has a coastal feel to it.

Watch this video to see what this race track has to offer!

The people of Old Home are distinguished mariners who set sail not only for their love of the sea, but also to supply to the east, southern, and west coasts of Neo Terra. Hailing from this tribe are last week’s unlocked character VanWyn, and the crystal-wielding Councilor Hearthgar.

Check out Old Home next time you play Sky Pirates Racing, and remember, we have two more race tracks to unlock in the coming weeks!

New character VanWyn sails into Sky Pirates Racing!

Since launching Sky Pirates Racing in December, we’ve already unlocked seven new characters in the game – and today, we’ve got another one for you to check out! VanWyn, the sea-hardened sailor from the Old Home tribe, is now available for you to choose as your racer.

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra - VanWynSky Pirates of Neo Terra - Vanwyn Enhanced Costume Sky Pirates of Neo Terra - Vanwyn Great Woods Sky Pirates of Neo Terra - Vanwyn Toppling Reeds

VanWyn has been at sea since boyhood, but one day on shore leave, he discovered a new passion when he tried Glidewing racing for fun. Being a sailor, he’s mastered the art of using the wind to his advantage, a skill that has helped him a ton on the race track. See VanWyn in action when you play Sky Pirates Racing!

Mark your calendars, because on April 25, 2013, we’re unlocking yet another character – the Witch Queen’s right hand, the Pirate King!

New in Sky Pirates Racing: Far Finger!

Are you up for a new challenge? The Far Finger race track, the newest addition to Sky Pirates Racing, is among the toughest in Neo Terra. To get through it, you’ll have to navigate through sharp turns, blind corners and long, winding paths. Watch the video below and see for yourself!

Far Finger is home to a tribe of monks who focus on spirituality and self-reflection. Led by the ancient and wise Councilor Naharu, it is rumored that they guard a spring that holds the key to eternal youth.

Play Sky Pirates Racing now and test your skills in the Far Finger race track!