The many faces of Toppling Reeds

Today we’re exploring the Toppling Reeds, home to a highly spiritual people who have found refuge in the small island’s stone walls and thick jungle. In particular, we’re highlighting one of the region’s most distinctive features: its giant stone structures.

Like ancient guardians watching over the land, many take the form of human faces.

Toppling Reeds Concept Art - Structures

These structures bring the Toppling Reeds to life, almost literally. Here’s some early concept art:

Toppling Reeds Concept Art

Toppling Reeds Concept Art

For Glidewing riders, these stone faces are just some of the many obstacles they have to weave through as they fly across the region.

Sky Pirates Racing Screenshot - Toppling Reeds

We have a lot more in store for this region, especially in our upcoming project that’s soon to be announced. Stay tuned for that, and more features about the world of Neo Terra!

Toppling Reeds Mood - Concept Art


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