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Help Snail Bob

When you think of a game where the main character is a snail named Bob, you are surely to have some doubts about the plot of the game. But Snail Bob is actually one of the best games that you can find for yourself or for your kids to play. It is a simple but challenging story about a small snail who is just trying to live his snail life in peace. Unfortunately for him, the universe puts him in some crazy situations that he has to find his way out of. With help from you, of course.

In the first game you have to help Snail Bob find his way through a construction site after a wrecking ball destroys his home. In the second game you have to get a gift for your grandpa snail and make your way through the woods to deliver it in time for his birthday, it’s a race against the clock and you have to make sure that you don’t lose the gift along the way. In the third game you are at a museum and get sucked into a time machine that takes you back to ancient Egypt where you have to fight mummies and try to find your way back to this time machine in order to get home before the museum closes and grandpa leaves without you.

What makes this game fun for adults and kids alike are the wholesome and funny adventures that this snail brings you. What makes this game challenging are the puzzles and obstacles that you have to work through in order to complete every level. And that is also what makes this game educational for kids.

They learn problem solving skills, something that they just can’t get enough of. But they learn these skills while playing a game that they think is fun. They will never complain about the fact that they are learning because they do not know they are doing it at all. In their minds, this is a game about a snail. But in your mind, you know that it’s teaching them something that they would not learn otherwise.

So if you are in the market for a game that will be entertaining for both you and your kids, while also being educational and challenging, Snail Bob is the game you are looking for. You will not find any game better than this one for free. And after you and your kids complete the first 3 stories, don’t worry. There are even more versions of the game that have been released so you will have fun for days, and maybe even weeks, with this series.