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Flash Games Are Still An Excellent Time Killer

Robbie Clark
Robbie Clark
September 25, 2019

Flash games emerged many years ago when the internet was quite slow and everyone shared random stuff over their work email. Some may still remember receiving flash games and videos from colleagues. These small games became increasingly popular because they were easy to share and quite addictive. When internet speeds increased, flash games stopped being shared over email and websites emerged that hosted thousands of them.

The gaming industry exceeded the movie industry and flash games are part of it. Online flash games are still the best time killers. Even if many of us have forgotten about flash games, new ones are released all the time and some of them are extremely fun to play.

The biggest argument in favor of flash games is how easy they are to get into. You do not have to download anything and they work directly from your browser. Any device such as a laptop, computer or even some tablets can play flash games. Also, because they run in browsers, they are discreet. You can always swap tabs and nobody would be aware that you are playing games while at work as long as you are not abusing the mouse buttons. It is important to note that online flash games barely have any system requirements and will run on any computer no matter how old it is, including your office laptop or desktop.

In terms of diversity, flash games cover almost all genres. If you are into strategy or arcade games, you will find a lot of great games to play. Some of them even have surprisingly good graphics and advanced mechanics while others may seem quite basic but extremely fun. Shooter games are not that common but point and shoot arcade flash games can be a great replacement. No matter what type of games you like, there are more than enough flash games to choose from that will help you relax a bit when you have some time to spare.

Robbie Clark