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Six Addictive Browser Based Flash Games To Play This Fall

Robbie Clark
Robbie Clark
September 25, 2019

Age of War

Age of War begins in a Flinstones style cavemen and dinosaurs world and progresses from there to modern technology and weapons. Players can use flaming arrows, comets, dinosaur riders, and tanks to defeat their enemies. A player can either race ahead of the enemy or fall behind them in technology. While tower defense games partly inspire age of War, it is undoubtedly not a tower defense game. The game requires the player to attack as much as defend. They must also research new technology or end up with knights against enemy tanks before long.

Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63 is almost certainly the best fan-made Mario game of all time. It is the level design that sets a great platform game apart from a plain one, and the level design in Super Mario 63 equals the quality found in the official games. While Super Mario 63 is 2D, it incorporates gameplay elements from the later 3D titles.

Realm of the Mad God

Surely Realm of the Mad God is one of the most ambitious Flash Games ever made. It’s an MMORPG with fast-paced arcade-style combat, featuring 14 character classes and hundreds of monsters and items. The game is too fast and too difficult to feel like a grind, and it can offer an experience superior to a mainstream high-budget MMORPG for the right audience. The game is fun right from the start – a new player can be involved in grouped skill-based fighting within a few minutes of starting their character. Compared to other multiplayer Flash Games that do not have to be downloaded or installed, it is amazingly advanced.


While adventure and puzzle-solving games are rarely made with real budgets today, the genre lives on in the small budget indie world. Coma is a richly detailed adventure where the player must explore and discover the mysteries of an alternate reality before its too late. There is some real artistry in the graphics, sound, and story offered by this game. is easy to learn and hard to master at its finest. The absurd setting (you play a single-celled organism that competes with other cells over food) leads to an endlessly entertaining player vs. player free for all. In spite of the uncomplicated gameplay, the game has a high skill ceiling and can appeal to competitive as well as casual players. The game still boasts thousands of players online at once, with roughly a hundred players to each world. It has inspired dozens of similar games, some more original than others.

Dead Maze

Dead Maze is a unique browser-based zombie survival MMORPG that does not resemble more hardcore survival games such as DayZ. As well as an extensive crafting system and player housing, the game offers a variety of skills, stats, and abilities for your character to learn over time. There is even a storyline and quests, as Dead Maze is very different from other zombie survival games you might have played before. Dead Maze is a melee combat game where you can use almost anything as a weapon, including televisions and street signs. The focus is on close-range fighting, so guns and ammunition are genuinely scarce and do not become easy to find past the early stages. While the game does have a form of PVP where you have to fight against both zombies and other players, the PVP is Dead Maze is optional. Groups are easy to find, and there are no enormous differences in power between lower and higher-level characters.

Robbie Clark