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What are flash games

What Are Flash Games

Robbie Clark
Robbie Clark
September 25, 2019

Flash games are interactive online mobile app that was original developed as an animation program by Macromedia-developed Flash software and is now praised by many. Online gaming has become the trend for millions of online gamers as it is a popular and easy form of connection among people of various ages nowadays. As it comes with many advantages especially since you can see that most flash games found on the web offer various illustrations of photos and sound effects as well as flexibility and availability. It’s easy to access and play a game anywhere and anytime as all that is needed is internet connection.So, here are the most popular flash games online today:

Flash games offer a variety of game which include the following:

ActionSome of the most popular action flash games today include Pac Man which is a classic to most and made history in arcade games. There was also Street Fighter which was and still remains a great hit in various arcades around the world. And Contra which is a classic and all-time favorite in arcades. In this game the player shoots aliens and crazy soldiers. LegendsPopular legend flash games include Mortal Kombat which was influenced by the 90s classic beat em up. There is also a well-known Sonic Hedgehog which began in 1991 on the Genesis and quickly became a leader in the gaming world.

Popular puzzle flash games include Tetris Flash Arcade game which involves rotating various falling shaped blocks to create a horizontal line. The trick is not to leave any open gaps. Puzzle flash games also includes the so famous Tic Tac Toe which involves three in a row to win. RetroFrogger is known as one of the most popular retro flash games which involves getting the frog to the other side of the road without getting run over. There is also the Space Arcade Game which is where you shoot the bad guys and obtain money to upgrade your weapons.

Robbie Clark